1. #onwardsonwards

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  2. #onwardsonwards.

    A collection of analog images and words from our 7000 mile trip around Europe.

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  3. what reality is made of. the state of things that actually exist.




  4. the round window. the rolling home. Sweden.

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  5. A subjective expedition of the carried and guided.

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  6. ….that the road may cease to be. A forerunner to a big project dropping soon. #onwardsonwards


  7. the next chapter. #ONWARDSONWARDS

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  8. The time is short for 2013. An incredible year to pass. Thanks to everyone we crossed paths with. As ever, some miles came easier than others. Here’s to big plans and big adventures in the next.



  9. We planned this for 6 years- do you have a definition of your life lived to the full? we now do. I have struggled to describe it from the outset. I thought it was just buying a van and I was soon proved wrong. I thought it was growing up like I did, but I was proved wrong. We all thought it wouldn’t, but life soon happened and we were proved wrong. We were destined to be different, to make our lives else where. I met a girl in school and we were friends for a while. I never once thought I would spend the rest of my life with her, but I was proved wrong.

    The smallest of meetings, the smallest of birds. The fleeting glances, those you don’t think of, those you dismiss, can soon become the definition of your life.¬†You will be proved wrong. She will be your life, and you will be hers. The van is a vehicle, the girl is a girl and your life is a life. But not just a life, the best life you can hope for.

    Time to see it through her eyes.



  10. Having been a fan of his illustration work for some time, I was contacted by Andrew Groves back in April with a nice little deal -‘take a few snaps of the debut woodcarving workshop in exchange for a free place?’ Following a hugely successful crowd funding campaign, he spent the next few months spreading woodcarving joy from his idyllic location in West Sussex, England. A few of the photos ended up alongside an interview with Andrew in the august issue of Creative Review.

    Follow Andrew over at miscellaneousadventures.co.uk & if you can, spend a fruitful day at one of his classes.